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I offer a variety of award-winning books written and illustrated by children with dyslexia.  Each book is written for dyslexic kids.  Some are for beginning readers who want to learn more about dyslexia.  Others are for children who have encountered difficulties in school (academically or with classmates) due to dyslexia.  Contact me if you are interested.

I have created an educational PowerPoint video to help teach people about dyslexia.  Click the image to view it.
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Dyslexic-friendly book list../_Book_List_.html

I have created a book list for beginning readers who have dyslexia or are otherwise struggling.  I read through approximately 10,000 books at the Allen County Public Library and evaluated their formats and fonts.  Sadly, there is no indication of font type in a book’s description. 

Download "Dyslexia for Kids", a highly interactive eBook that explains dyslexia to young readers.  Formatted for children with dyslexia, this book contains narration, 3D models that spin around in response to the child's touch, numerous animations, videos, tinted background behind the text, and much more.  Best of all, it's FREE!  

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