Famous Dyslexics

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You may not know it, but many of the famous people with whom you are familiar are dyslexic.  They prove that dyslexia is a gift, not a disability.

Famous dyslexics include:

  1. BulletAlbert Einstein, physicist

  2. BulletThomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb

  3. BulletWalt Disney, creator of Mickey Mouse and Disney World

  4. Bulletlate-night comedian Jay Leno

  5. Bulletcartoonists Scott Adams and Charles Schultz

  6. Bulletthe Wright Brothers, who invented the first working airplane

  7. Bulletinventor Benjamin Franklin

  8. BulletPresidents John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt

  9. Bulletartist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci

  10. Bulletpainter Michelangelo

  11. BulletHenry Winkler, author, director, producer and actor

and others.