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Providing information, support, mentoring and resources for children and teens with dyslexia.


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Scott Forsythe
Reading, hiking, writing books, taking care of all of our pets, fossil hunting, laser tag, paintball, playing piano, skiing and anything to do with computers!
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Dyslexic kids



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Since I have dyslexia, I searched in vain for a support group for dyslexic kids and teens.  All of the groups were designed for the parents and teachers of dyslexics, not for the people who need it most: the children and teens who are facing the adversity.  When faced with a learning difference that affects every subject, it is important that you find a supportive community where you can be surrounded by peers who can understand and help you.  The sense of belonging that a support group brings can be crucial toward building your self-esteem, and building that self-esteem can lead to success in school and life.

No such group existed, so I decided to create one.  Dyslexic Kids launched in 2011 and now has thousands of fans from across the globe.  

Dyslexic Kids offers resources such as books written and formatted specifically for dyslexics and an encouraging and informative PowerPoint demonstration.  There are games, a blog for sharing experiences, and a list of helpful resources.  In addition to this website, Dyslexic Kids is also on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Yahoo Groups.  Locally, Dyslexic Kids offers free tutoring, mentoring and support group meetings.